10 ways to get more people to see your Facebook posts

If you’re posting onto Facebook you’ll undoubtedly want as many people as possible to see what it is you’re writing and sharing.  The good news is that there’s a few simple and easy ways to increase that all-important ‘people reached’ figure you’ll see glaring back at you underneath each post you make…

Use attractive imagery

Posts with photos get 120% more engagement and that leads to 84% more clicks so it’s a bit of a no brainer that you need to be adding imagery, but make sure it’s good – the difference between a naff image taken in the dark with your phone and a professional one showing off your product / service in all of its glory could be massive in terms of likes, comments and enquiries.

Share content that your following is going to appreciate

Everybody’s page and audience will be different; so what is it your following wants to hear about?  Go over the past three months and take a look at what worked and what didn’t.  You should do this with all of your marketing; whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or email, ensure you share more of what’s been working and what they want to hear about from you.

Most popular times of the week

As a rule of thumb evenings and in particular Sunday evenings are always a winner.  Try posting toward the front end of the evening to give your post time to get those likes to spread like wildfire through your following and their connections.  As we’ve said above, everybody’s audience is different so do trial different times and monitor what’s working.

Ask people to share or make some sort of action

If you don’t ask you don’t get so have you considered asking questions in your posts? It can increase engagement and also get people to take an action you want them to, which could be sharing and in doing so, increasing your reach.

Boost your posts when you should

If you have a call to action or a post designed to create sales and enquiries then do boost it in order to artificially increase your reach and results.

Cross promote with other social media accounts

Strong Twitter or Instagram account? Use them to draw attention to your Facebook page, as your followers are likely to be interested in your content.  Don’t beg though; it can be annoying to others particularly if done through automated or scheduled mechanisms.

Don’t bulk upload your posts

It usually takes two and a half hours for your post to gain 75% of its impressions so don’t bulk upload posts in short bursts.  Give them a few hours to mature or you’ll end up having lots of posts with smaller reach.

How often should you post?

Pages with regular content reach more people and gain more likes, so ideally you need to be posting around four times a week; don’t go any lower, and don’t go any higher than 10 – 15.

Don’t post using other social networks or apps

Facebook wants you to be on Facebook when you’re posting.  Not an unreasonable request, so don’t use Hootsuite or alike to post onto Facebook – it will negatively impact your reach.  Get on there and post your content; it only takes minutes.

Including links but always include some text

Facebook wants you to share good content and you want people to get to your website so sharing links to blogs and other interesting content on your site is a great idea but don’t just put a link; make sure you give it a little context and encourage people to click and like.  The more they do the greater your reach.

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