6 ways to increase the reach of your posts on Facebook

  • 11th January 201711/01/17
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The right time

Statistics show that posts made between 9pm – 11pm gain 88% more interaction. Wondering which day is the best? It’s Sunday! Posting on this day gains up to 52.9% more interactions than the average post.

The right length

How long should your Facebook post be? The answer is long enough, but not too long! What does that actually mean? Posts with 100 – 150 characters are the most liked and shared on Facebook.

The right photo

A picture paints a thousand words and Facebook posts with images can boost interaction by 179%. Get the right photo and this can be even higher.

The right question

If you don’t ask then you don’t get, and this is very true of Facebook. Ending your post with a question can increase your interaction by an average of 162%. That sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

The right video

If you’re looking for your content to go viral then you’re going to want to be sharing video. Why? They’re the most shared type of post on Facebook! Just make sure they’re engaging and informal.

The right network

You won’t be surprised to hear that Facebook want you to be on Facebook when you’re posting, so if you’re using Hootsuite or any third party app stop it and take the few seconds you’re saving to increase your reach.

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