Apple iPhone X – Overview of Features

So along with the return of school, autumnal weather and the new Premier League season comes the launch of the latest iPhone from Apple: the iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10). Apple’s premium smartphone includes state-of-the-art technology, great features and a hefty price tag for those looking to get it as soon as possible. We’ve taken a closer look at what’s new with the iPhone X, and how much it will cost you.

No home button, just an all-encompassing LED display.

One of the major changes to the iPhone X that will set it apart from its predecessors is instantly noticeable as you look at the phone. The iPhone X boasts a 5.8 inch edge-to-edge super retina display, and we must say, it looks amazing. Apple has said that one of its main goals for the iPhone X is to create an iPhone that is “all display”, and to do this they got rid of some familiar features. First to go was the home button, which was a mainstay on all Apple handheld devices since 2007, and also the front-facing finger print scanner, which again has been present on more recent iPhone models, as well as other leading brands.

So without the home button, how do you unlock your new iPhone? The iPhone X uses gesture controls to unlock it, so by swiping or tapping the phone, or by its new Face ID feature. Apple’s TrueDepth camera system allows users to unlock their phone just by looking at it. Face ID is a step-forward for phone security, as it massively reduces the ability of someone being able to unlock your phone (unless you have a twin of course!).

First wireless headphones, now wireless charging.

As we progress further into a more wireless world, Apple’s new flagship phone is leading the way. Last year we saw the iPhone 7 drop the classic 3.5mm jack in favour of wireless EarBuds (which we still think we’d lose in a couple of minutes!), and now the iPhone X has gone one step further by introducing wireless charging. No more wires, and no more stretching for the plug when you want to use your phone whilst charging!

The iPhone X will be compatible with other non-Apple wireless chargers, and when you’re out-and-about the Aircharge QI app allows you to locate where your nearest wireless charger is when your battery life is getting dangerously low. The only downside is that wireless charging is actually slower than charging your phone through the more traditional method, however Apple are hoping that the ease of wireless charging will outweigh the lack of charging speed, and that it will also become present in public places, like WiFi.

Apple have also stated that they will soon release AirPower, which is their own wireless charging pad. With AirPower, you will be able to charge multiple devices at once; from your iPhone X to your Apple Watch. This is expected to be released next year.

Other bits and bobs

Battery life and processor

Inside Apple’s flagship phone is an A11 bionic chip, which is more powerful than any other iPhone on the market. The iPhone X also boasts two more hours of battery life than the iPhone 7, according to Apple. However, just like every other smartphone, if you are watching YouTube, playing games and accessing a variety of apps at the same time, you can almost guarantee your battery life will deplete quite quickly

Dual camera and Augmented Reality

The iPhone X will have a 7MP selfie camera and a 12MP camera on the back, so you can rest assured your selfies will be perfect every time. The iPhone X will also be compatible with top-of-the-range augmented reality apps and games, so you’ll be able to play pixel-perfect AR games with the iPhone X’s high-performance camera.

Augmented reality really came into its own in 2017, with the success of games such as Pokemon Go!, so you can almost guarantee that some of the biggest games and apps will be exclusive to the iPhone X. If gaming doesn’t interest you, augmented reality has also led the way in terms of interior design; Apple stated that with the iPhone X’s AR abilities, you’ll be able to do things such as redesign and redecorate your home just from your phone!


Now we mentioned it briefly; the new iPhone X is expensive. Pricing starts at a hefty £999 for a 64GB iPhone X, and can go up to an eye-watering £1149 if you need 256GB worth of space. Wow.

Despite its top-of-the range technology, beautiful design and fantastic features, £999 is expensive for a phone. However as seen with previous iPhones, although they never come cheap, the technology, features and user-friendly interface has never left users disappointed.

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