Basics of SEO – how Google views your website and the importance of page titles

  • 6th November 20136/11/13
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Google displays millions of search results every day – but how is it that Google knows what your website is all about and which bits do you need to be focusing on?

The web is crawled by spiders

The World Wide Web is being crawled by Google spiders this very second. They are looking for new and interesting content with the aim of providing those searching with the very best results for the key phrase they are searching for.

These spiders will visit your website and go from page to page establishing what it is you are all about, the importance of your site and content and most importantly give it a rank against your competitors in search results.

The Google algorithm is incredibly sophisticated and takes in many factors but one thing that does impact search results is your page titles.

Page Titles

You’ll find them in the top tab when you have are on a website in Internet Explorer and as the top line of a Google search result.

Like the title of an article, they should tell you what that page is about and to avoid Google thinking you have duplicate content, they should be different on every page. This shouldn’t be difficult as all of your pages should be offering different content.

Make sure that they aren’t too long! This isn’t an occasion to stuff in key words – too many and Google will give them less significance.

When looking at page titles across your site the Google Adwords Key Words tool is a useful helping hand to establish what people are searching for in your area. Make sure you are in the mix for the bigger search volumes, although with larger volumes comes increased competition so establish whether high rankings are realistic.

Time spent researching can be worth every penny down the line when you are ranking well for the right phrases – putting your brand in front of many more potential customers.

Have a good sized slice of a bigger pie rather than a big slice of a small pie!

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