The basics of an SEO Strategy

  • 21st March 201421/03/14
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is geared toward making you rank for key phrases that will drive new custom to your website.  There are two real keys to how this is done; the first is volume and the second is an understanding of competition.

Let us explain:


Some words and groups of words (key phrases) on the internet are searched for more often than others.

Let us give an example of this; the term ‘Web Design Cornwall’ gets somewhere in the region of 380 searches per month whereas the search term ‘Web Design Devon’ gets 80 fewer at 300 searches per month.

This is replicated across all industries; some phrases will have more people searching for them whilst others will have fewer.

Which leads us on to competition.


As you can imagine, most companies want to rank highly for the phrases that everyone is searching for.  This makes sense because they’ll be getting the most traffic and those people will be more likely to buy from them because they’ve seen their website when they otherwise may have not.

Problem is not everybody can rank highly!

This means that pockets of high competition begin to appear across search engines, with companies trying to rank highly for these high volume phrases.  This can include massive international companies who want a good chunk of the revenue pie and who will have more money, resource and size than you.

So how do you compete?

The Sweet Spot

The SEO sweet spot for any company is where they can find volume that will drive traffic and the competition is at a level that makes it realistic to rank highly.

This often will not be slap dab in the middle of the highly competitive large phrase.  For example if ‘web design’ had 200,000 searches a month then everybody would want to rank for it but as we said, not everybody can rank for it

Successful SEO will place you in front of your customers, but it needs to be realistic.  If you can find niche terms off of the central competition and make them your own you’ll enjoy the spoils of your nimble and quick strategy.

We’re looking forward to helping you do just that!

For more information on how we can help you perform better in search engines and rank for the phrases you should be ranking for then give us a call on 01566 784860 – there’s no obligation so what’ve you got to lose!
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