Brand new website for dog-friendly Woodland Cottages in North Devon

  • 4th February 20194/02/19
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Woodland Cottages in North Devon are not just ‘dog friendly’ – they’re ‘very dog friendly’. In fact, everything is set up for you and your pooch to have a fabulous time; there’s an enclosed area that means they’re able to run, roam and find new smells in the back garden, there’s woodland (not too much surprise given the name), and a host of some of the region’s best beaches not too far away either!

We built this site when Abi and her family took over the business, having relocated from their home in Somerset. The previous site had been around for a number of years meaning that it was in need of a little modernisation and refinement. A large part of your stay at Woodland Cottages is of course about your dog, so we’ve worked hard to make sure that we’re promoting the destination to dog lovers, as well as the accommodation.

Check out their website here:

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