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Success with viral: Jog on kitties! Cats with opposable thumbs

“Why do cats stare when you are pouring milk?” The sheer number of us that will have seen the Cravendale adverts depicting the evolution of the cat into an animal with opposable thumbs and eyes for our milk is testament to the success of the campaign ran by agency Wieden + Kennedy. It is a […]

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Yeo Valley – Full of the sounds of the farm

Yeo Valley is no stranger to organic dairy products but when the family farm broadened their advertising horizons and took to rapping and song they soon had an online viral winning success on their hands. They first came to the prominent attention of many of us with their somewhat catchy Yeo Valley rap. This rap […]

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Anki Drive – how Scalextric has moved on!

Go back to the 80’s or even the early 90’s – yep that’s right, you remember! Scalextric and the Sega Mega Drive were the central axis of many a young child, keeping them entertained for hours, weekends, months on even years on end. How times have changed. I tuned into some of the recent Apple […]

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Devon and Cornwall – A great place to live and work

So the nights are now a little darker. Ok, to be fair so are the mornings and the bit that was once between them has been squeezed and isn’t miles lighter either! With it getting colder day-by-day it can sometimes be easy to forget that we live and work in one of the most beautiful […]

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Why bid on your own brand in search engines?

Traditional logic would tell you that a number one organic ranking in a search engine is going to give you the greatest possible click through rate. You would also think that, given the search term is directly related to your brand, that any chance of the searcher going elsewhere would be relatively remote; after all […]

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iPad Air and the new improved iPad Mini: Key features

So the time has come. It’s time for Apple users with that insatiable itch for the next product announcement to sit back and read. It’s here – it’s the iPad Air (although you’ll have to wait until 1st November at the earliest to get your hands on one). Here’s a round up of the major […]

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Somersby Cider gives a new perspective on an Apple launch

Sometimes a company completely nails a spoof advertising campaign.  Somersby Cider achieved this when they launched their spoof Apple product launch. Anyone watching the advert that has ever been in an Apple store (lets face it that will account for a large proportion of the population) particularly on a launch day will feel quite at […]

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Microsoft pull spoof Apple advert from YouTube hours after launch

When successful, viral marketing can be an incredibly useful tool for a brand, particularly through social media channels.  It can take on a life of its own once given an initial push, being shared, commented on and spread through Twitter and Facebook at a pace and reach that other forms of online marketing would struggle […]

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