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21 types of content we all crave

Social media is made up of all different types of content created to appeal to every type of person imaginable. From entertaining, light and funny content to news stories and newsletters, there is a huge variety of content online which different people engage with. We’ve managed to gather 21 different types of content and we […]

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Ten great content ideas for your blog

When we talk about blogging to business owners one of the most common things we hear back is that there’s not much to write about, or they wouldn’t know where to start with writing a blog post for their business, perhaps because they’re not the greatest wordsmith, or they simply don’t enjoy writing! Good news […]

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Five online tools you should be using this Autumn

So we’ve already covered some things that you should be considering at this time of year; everything from planning and getting some new photography, to working out where your time and hard earned money should be spent.  Let’s take a look at five things you should be using to increase your online revenue, some of […]

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Five things to be considering at this time of year

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the final bank holiday weekend of the year (not including Christmas as it’s far too early to be talking about that) is coming up, which means that for many South West businesses the light is at the end of the tunnel when it comes to one […]

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Visual content – how images and videos can boost your business

We’ve all been hearing for some time that content is king; to survive in the digital jungle we all need to be creating it.  For the most part, many businesses have listened; they’ve spent hours and hours writing blogs, and creating a veritable feast of content along the way.  Problem is, with so much content […]

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MiHi guide to using inline linking

You’ll have undoubtedly been told or have heard at some point that blogging can help your website’s performance in search engines. But how exactly does it do that and are you doing what you need to in order to maximise the chances of that happening? We take a look at something called ‘inline linking’, which […]

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Eight common blogging mistakes

What is it that makes a blog post successful? That magic ingredient which converts website visitors from readers to customers? From those who glance through your content to those who are really engaged with it? In order to find the answer, we take a look at some of the most common errors made by businesses […]

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The evolution of blogging

With more than 2.7 million blog posts written every day, blogging has become an immensely popular way of sharing information. From food and drink to experiences and places; people are blogging about everything and anything. We’ve taken a look at the rise of blogging and how it’s transformed the business industry. If you’re not blogging […]

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Eight ways to help your blog content go viral

Blogging is a great way of driving traffic to your website, getting your brand out there and significantly increasing the number of phrases you rank for on Google. You know your business inside out and you’re reflecting that with advice and news in your blog posts, but what if your blogs just aren’t getting seen? […]

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MiHi Digital to sponsor Devon Tourism Awards

Digital marketing agency MiHi Digital has announced they will be sponsoring the Tourist Information category at this year’s Devon Tourism Awards. The sponsorship is the first of its kind for the business as they seek to support the tourism industry in Devon. Mark Worden (pictured), Director at MiHi Digital explained; “We’re delighted to be involved […]

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