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It’s Deadline Day for your website! Did you make it?

Did you wake up this morning and feel something wasn’t quite right? Like something had changed? You weren’t quite sure what, but it was something significant! Perhaps even more important than who’d taken the last drop of milk from the fridge? Ok, so perhaps is wasn’t that melodramatic, but today is a big day at […]

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Digital marketing specialist celebrates bumper first year in business

A local digital marketing specialist has made a fast start to life as a business owner having won more than 50 client accounts in his first year. Mark Worden, previously responsible for online marketing at two of well established Westcountry brands, law firm Stephens Scown LLP and insurance company Cornish Mutual, created MiHi Digital a […]

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Four things your business should be doing online at this time of year

The summer months create a unique challenge for the majority of businesses online. The weather is better and the nights are longer. The majority of people will take holiday and with school also out for summer this is a period during which your customers or clients will be spending more time away from their computers […]

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Where website authority is held – the example of David Beckham

The way Google treats authorship is changing and it’s going to change a lot more in coming years. Don’t believe me? It’s already started and Matt Cutts, Head of Antispam at Google has confirmed it’s likely to change even more over the course of the next decade. So where are we coming from, what are […]

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Guest Post from Siblinc: The Importance of Great Copy

Imagine you’ve just bought your dream car. You’ve saved for years, working your fingers to the bone and building up a nest egg to make this not insignificant investment. The car is shiny, it’s new, it shaves years off how old you feel and it really looks the business. You take it to your local […]

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