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10 ways to get more from your email marketing

When it comes to successful email marketing some of the simplest changes to your approach can yield some of the biggest improvements in your performance. With this in mind, make sure you’re following these ten tips when it comes to sending emails to your database and you should see an upturn in click through rates […]

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Five simple ways to increase your email marketing database

Many South West businesses still aren’t using email marketing to its full potential, and one of the most common reasons for this is that they’re not making the most of the emails they have. Reports suggest that for every £1 spent on email in the UK, £26 of revenue is generated. That cash is powered […]

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Six ways to increase email marketing performance for small businesses

Many businesses across the South West will have been collecting the email addresses of potential and existing customers for years and years. Whilst obtaining them is reasonably commonplace (we’re not talking massive CRM systems here, it could be in a simple spreadsheet or even if they’re still nestled in your inbox!), the understanding of how […]

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Five online tools you should be using this Autumn

So we’ve already covered some things that you should be considering at this time of year; everything from planning and getting some new photography, to working out where your time and hard earned money should be spent.  Let’s take a look at five things you should be using to increase your online revenue, some of […]

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What should you expect from your email marketing?

Every day, millions of businesses of all sizes use email marketing to effectively engage with customers, increase website traffic, and drive marketing campaigns. There’s a good reason for this; remember that for every £1 spent on email in the UK, around £25 of revenue is created! I’ve written about the benefits of email marketing in […]

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MiHi – Making your emails look great!

Most small businesses will use email marketing, and most will usually use Mail Chimp to send them. What’s wrong with that we hear you ask? Well, if I move quickly past the sending of an email for your brand that contains a cartoon monkey in a hat, then I just think they all look…. well… […]

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My Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

If you’re going to spend your hard earned money you need to know you’re going to gain more than you’re spending, otherwise why would you spend it? As far as safe bets go email marketing is one of the safest for your marketing pound; reports generally indicate you can expect to get a 28 times […]

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Three ways to stop your emails being marked as spam

Whether you send out monthly newsletters, upcoming deals or your latest work, you want your emails to reach as many people as possible without them being automatically filtered into their junk folder. If your emails are ending up in that spam folder we’ve taken a look at three ways to increase the chances of them […]

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MiHi Digital to sponsor Devon Tourism Awards

Digital marketing agency MiHi Digital has announced they will be sponsoring the Tourist Information category at this year’s Devon Tourism Awards. The sponsorship is the first of its kind for the business as they seek to support the tourism industry in Devon. Mark Worden (pictured), Director at MiHi Digital explained; “We’re delighted to be involved […]

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Digital specialist celebrates century of clients

A local digital marketing specialist is celebrating his 100th client win less than two years after leaving his job to launch his own business. Mark Worden, previously responsible for online marketing at two well established Westcountry brands, law firm Stephens Scown LLP and insurance company Cornish Mutual, created MiHi Digital 20 months ago to support […]

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