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How Facebook decides what’s in your News Feed

Facebook brings with it some amazing statistics. People will check their News Feed 14 times a day and spend up to 50 minutes of the site every 24 hours. The average user also has in the region of 300 friends and is following up to 50 pages they’ve liked. If you think of how much […]

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When is the best time for your business to post on Facebook?

Timing means everything in life, and Facebook is no different; get it right and you’ll reach as many people as is physically possible for your page, get it wrong and you’ll be just like one of those trees falling in the forest when nobody’s around! So if you have a business in Devon or Cornwall […]

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The importance of Facebook reviews

In 2013 Facebook introduced reviews for pages. This meant that customers and clients could leave starred reviews for all of Facebook to see, and now those looking at you on Google can see them too. When you Google search a company the results page displays the business on the right hand side of the screen […]

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What’s up with the new WhatsApp privacy policy?

WhatsApp users across the world are getting in a bit of a tizz over new privacy settings introduced at the end of August. The popular messenger app is used by millions, and in 2014 was bought by Facebook for a cool $21.8billion (slightly on the pricey side I’d say). So what’s the fuss all about? […]

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Facebook is making your newsfeed more relevant to you

How often do you check Facebook? Once a day, twice an hour, or every five minutes? Whenever you check your News Feed, there’s something that never changes – its relevance to you. When Facebook launched ‘News Feed’ in 2006, it was simply a place where you could see a selection of latest updates from friends, […]

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Facebook pages get a makeover

Every now and again Facebook like to change things up a little, so if you’ve got a Facebook Page for your business, don’t be surprised if you notice a change in the design of your page over the coming weeks. Many people will already be seeing their new page design, whilst others will have to […]

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Infographic: Around the world in Facebook users

After looking closely at some Facebook user statistics, we decided to create this infographic and take you on a trip around the world – through Facebook users! Statistics show that in June 2016 there were, on average, 1.13 billion daily active users. 1.13 billion! Within this huge number of people, 1.03 billion of these users […]

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What happens to your Facebook account when you’re gone?

From every day happenings, to life-changing experiences, Facebook is the place where we share everything about our lives; births, marriages, relationships, work, places, pictures, opinions, the list goes on, but have you ever thought about what happens to your account when you’re gone? If you haven’t, Facebook has. With more than 1.6 billion users worldwide, […]

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Facebook Messenger celebrates milestone

Wondering why there are balloons popping up randomly on your Facebook newsfeed or during conversations? It’s Facebook’s way of celebrating a Messenger milestone with the world; more than one billion people now use it every month! On reaching one billion users, Facebook said: “We’re grateful for all the people who are sending billions of messages […]

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