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Where does your wedding budget go?

We’ve been taking a look at what each of us spend our wedding budget on with an exclusive wedding venue in Cornwall. Launcells Barton, which have been opening their doors to happy couples since the start of the year, offers the bridal party boutique accommodation in a lovingly restored country house and provides the perfect […]

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Our quick-guide to using #hashtags

In the age of social media, the #hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around. It can instantly link you to other people talking about the same things, and updating like-minded people on that topic as it happens. For small business owners, the #hashtag represents an important social media strategy. The correct tag can […]

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The average social media user – where are your customers?

Facebook users Almost 30% of Facebook users are between 25 – 24 years of age, and during these years 91% of them have a Facebook account. With two out of three users checking it daily, it’s a great place to gain repeat exposure to your brand; 32% of users engage with brands regularly. Twitter users […]

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Five reasons why social media is worth the effort

Five reasons why social media is worth the effort Twitter 42% of users learn about brands through Twitter This means you could be seriously increasing your customer base by getting on Twitter and engaging on a regular basis. Facebook 91% of all 15-34 year olds use Facebook There are around 16 million people in this […]

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Business communication facts and figures

Key Facts and Figures The average time a caller is left on hold is 57 seconds Between June 2014 & June 2015 there was a 41% increase in average data usage on broadband lines VoIP can reduce the cost of local calls by 40% and international calls by 90% It takes a business an average […]

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Wedding facts and figures

We’ve been taking a look at some wedding facts and figures for our friends at Launcells Barton. Here’s what we found. Key Facts and Figures: The average cost of a UK wedding is £24,000 120 guests can consume a combined 256,920 calories at the average UK wedding. 65% of grooms will hire a suit for […]

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Infographic: Around the world in Facebook users

After looking closely at some Facebook user statistics, we decided to create this infographic and take you on a trip around the world – through Facebook users! Statistics show that in June 2016 there were, on average, 1.13 billion daily active users. 1.13 billion! Within this huge number of people, 1.03 billion of these users […]

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Visual content – how images and videos can boost your business

We’ve all been hearing for some time that content is king; to survive in the digital jungle we all need to be creating it.  For the most part, many businesses have listened; they’ve spent hours and hours writing blogs, and creating a veritable feast of content along the way.  Problem is, with so much content […]

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