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Active volcano gives tourists a happy greeting

Tourists enjoying a helicopter ride over Kilauea volcano in Hawaii received a happy greeting from the active volcano. The hot lava filling the Pu-u O’o volcanic cone formed a smiley face as the tourists flew overhead. Two eyes and a mouth glowed up at the lucky visitors back in June, but the video was only […]

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Skydiver lands in net after 25,000ft freefall

Luke Aikins made history recently by being the first person to accomplish a planned jump, and landing, without a parachute or wing suit. The daredevil skydiver leapt out of an airplane at 25,000 feet – 12,000 feet higher than most skydivers jump. He landed in a 10,000 square foot net and was assisted by three […]

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Just like magic – the pen that conducts electricity

Other than playing with Bunsen burners (woops, I mean ‘sensibly using’) during science lessons in school, I didn’t have that much fun. One of the few things that caught my attention was making circuits. Connecting wires and battery packs to make a tiny bulb light up was awesome, but now a Tokyo based start-up have […]

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The end of the videotape player

Anyone over the age of 25 probably remembers the days of the tape; taping your favourite programme, buying a tape to watch your favourite film, or perhaps even recording your own life onto a tape via one of those huge video cameras! That’s right, it’s hard to believe that those chunky black video tapes were […]

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Is there life on Mars? No, but there could be elsewhere

Scientists may be at the beginning of a journey to discover that we aren’t alone in the universe.  Whilst you’re unlikely to see an Extra Terrestrial riding a bicycle across the sky with the moon lighting the background any time soon (E.T. mention there in case it’s been missed), hear us out for a couple […]

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The Ocean Cleanup foundation launch new prototype to clean up oceans

There’s no denying that sea life and coastal care is important in the South West. We’re surrounded by exquisite coastlines and beautiful waters, but we also know how much rubbish can end up polluting our sea. A foundation based in the Netherlands called The Ocean Cleanup are now conducting tests on a floating barrier which […]

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Top 10 dog friendly walks in rural Devon

Here at MiHi Digital we are fortunate to be surrounded with opportunities for exploring. Check out this blog article for some top dog-friendly walking spots, courtesy of Blagdon Manor Hotel. Devon is home to some of most scenic spots in the UK and if you’re staying in the area you’ll want to know where exactly you can […]

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Top five reasons you should take your dogs on holiday

Blog post courtesy of Blagdon Manor, a dog-friendly hotel and restaurant nestled in rural Devon. We’re all aware ‘a dog isn’t just for Christmas’, but what do you do if you want to take a holiday over the festive period or any other time during the year? Do you reluctantly put them in kennels or […]

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Top ten mobile and tablet user facts!

The number of people who own a mobile phone, many of these being smartphones, are on the up; with more than 32 million mobiles bought every year in the UK. We’ve highlighted top ten mobile phone and tablet user statistics in our latest infographic, above.

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