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Loading… Why speed is crucial to site success

We live in a world where almost everything is accessible online and on demand, whenever we want it. Whether you’re buying a new bike, booking a flight, ordering takeaway or searching for a new shirt, information is readily available at our fingertips. As the online community continues to evolve, people have less time and even […]

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SEO Audit strikes gold again

We reckon we know our digital onions, but we’re not graphic designers; stick to what you know is what we’ve always thought! Doesn’t stop us knowing some very good print designers in the region though, and we’ve recently given one agency a real push via our SEO Audit and Roadmap. They weren’t ranking in the […]

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Three common SEO myths to avoid

Doing what we do, every now and again you hear from someone that’s been on the wrong end of some poor SEO advice. They’ve been told that by doing this magic little thing Google will love their website all the more than it currently does and that they’ll potentially see an increase in their rankings […]

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MiHi guide to using inline linking

You’ll have undoubtedly been told or have heard at some point that blogging can help your website’s performance in search engines. But how exactly does it do that and are you doing what you need to in order to maximise the chances of that happening? We take a look at something called ‘inline linking’, which […]

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Google’s latest update; what your business needs to do to make sure you stay on top

Over the last few years Google has gradually been introducing more and more measures that penalise businesses for not updating their website (they believe that websites with constantly updated content provide visitors with better information and a greater user experience). Alongside its algorithm that targets businesses for not having a mobile-friendly site (if your site […]

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