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We’re on Instagram!

All members of team MiHi love Instagram, and we all use our personal accounts on a daily basis. Working in digital marketing, we know that this particular social media app is becoming increasingly popular amongst businesses, and we’re not surprised as they’re currently upping their game for those that want to use it in a […]

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8 Steps to the perfect Instagram post

Instagram has become increasingly popular in recent years, and as local businesses start to understand the benefits of the picture based social media app, it has become more important to get your posts perfect. Being in Devon and Cornwall, we’re surrounded by beautiful scenery and things that are just waiting to be captured, so there’s […]

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Growing your Instagram in 10 easy steps

It has 300 million worldwide users and has recently announced a new set of tools specifically for businesses. Instagram, the photo sharing social media app, could be an increasingly useful tool for South West businesses with a visual product, so let’s talk about it a little more. Once you get going it is great, but […]

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Five ways to get more followers on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter the ultimate goal is to have as many relevant followers as possible. Note that I’ve included the word relevant, because as much as it fills our vanity with joy that we’ve got a huge amount of followers, if they’re made up of people that are never going to buy from us […]

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Facebook is making your newsfeed more relevant to you

How often do you check Facebook? Once a day, twice an hour, or every five minutes? Whenever you check your News Feed, there’s something that never changes – its relevance to you. When Facebook launched ‘News Feed’ in 2006, it was simply a place where you could see a selection of latest updates from friends, […]

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How your Devon / Cornwall business can benefit from Pinterest

When it comes to social media we all tend to think of Facebook and Twitter. But what about us creative folk? Those of us that like a picture, and have something very visual to show off or interact with? Well for us there are of course two options; Instagram and Pinterest. Today, we explain a […]

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Don’t be a twit! The basic Do’s & Don’ts of Twitter

For many people using social media for business one of the toughest challenges is to know where you stop and the business account begins. What we mean by this is that you’re all told that social media is a place that brands can express themselves, interact and provide a bit of personality. But this isn’t […]

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Twitter launches campaign following some surprising research

MiHi Digital was a brand that to a large extent was born and grown on Twitter. For us it’s a big marketing tool and we firmly believe that this should, and could, be the case if you have a business operating in the South West; remember that the majority of businesses in our neck of […]

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Infographic: Around the world in Facebook users

After looking closely at some Facebook user statistics, we decided to create this infographic and take you on a trip around the world – through Facebook users! Statistics show that in June 2016 there were, on average, 1.13 billion daily active users. 1.13 billion! Within this huge number of people, 1.03 billion of these users […]

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