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The average social media user – where are your customers?

Facebook users Almost 30% of Facebook users are between 25 – 24 years of age, and during these years 91% of them have a Facebook account. With two out of three users checking it daily, it’s a great place to gain repeat exposure to your brand; 32% of users engage with brands regularly. Twitter users […]

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Three Great Tips to Grow Your Small Business on Twitter

The key to using it successfully: make sure you’re focussed and engage. You need followers – but make sure you have a criteria for who you’re going to follow. They need to be relevant or you’ll risk wasting a lot of time. Twitter is full of information, but it can be too much. Use Twitter […]

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How to get more people to follow you back on Twitter

Gaining new Twitter followers will be a key goal for any business tweeting.  The more relevant followers you have, the more people that are going to see your tweets when you make them, and in turn the more that might share your message by re-tweeting it. Getting new followers by following people One of the […]

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The best times of the day to Tweet

When I first started MiHi Digital I had plenty of time to devote to Twitter; just like any other business we began with no clients or customers and Twitter was the key to us finding them and telling them all about us. With that in mind we’ve spent a lot of hours tweeting over the […]

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Another five Twitter mistakes to avoid

So in our last blog post we took at some of the most common mistakes we see made on Twitter. Truth is that there was too many to fit into a single post so here’s our final five faux pas to give a miss the next time you limber up to go out tweeting… Twitter […]

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Five Twitter mistakes to avoid

We spend plenty of time on Twitter every day, week and month; but why is it we’re doing it? Why not spend our time elsewhere? The very simple answer is that we get work and we gain enquiries from it. We’re a pretty honest bunch here; since I set this business up we’ve quoted for […]

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Best times for businesses to post on Twitter

Most businesses across Devon and Cornwall will have a Twitter account by now. Good, so we’ve got one thing in common! The only problem is that most businesses will also have something else binding them together; they’ll either not really know what it is they’re getting from it (or why they’re doing it), and also […]

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Twitter reveals new customer service features

Did you know that over 91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels (usually Facebook and Twitter)? Twitter know this, so they’re creating new features to help businesses handle customer service through their platform. Over the past couple of years, you may have noticed an increasing number of customer service accounts popping […]

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Five ways to get more followers on Twitter

If you’re on Twitter the ultimate goal is to have as many relevant followers as possible. Note that I’ve included the word relevant, because as much as it fills our vanity with joy that we’ve got a huge amount of followers, if they’re made up of people that are never going to buy from us […]

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