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Five online tools you should be using this Autumn

So we’ve already covered some things that you should be considering at this time of year; everything from planning and getting some new photography, to working out where your time and hard earned money should be spent.  Let’s take a look at five things you should be using to increase your online revenue, some of […]

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Don’t be a twit! The basic Do’s & Don’ts of Twitter

For many people using social media for business one of the toughest challenges is to know where you stop and the business account begins. What we mean by this is that you’re all told that social media is a place that brands can express themselves, interact and provide a bit of personality. But this isn’t […]

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Twitter launches campaign following some surprising research

MiHi Digital was a brand that to a large extent was born and grown on Twitter. For us it’s a big marketing tool and we firmly believe that this should, and could, be the case if you have a business operating in the South West; remember that the majority of businesses in our neck of […]

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How many people really read your tweets?

It’s a very simple question for today; do you really know how many people see your tweets?  Most people will be aware of their reach on Facebook because they make it very easy for you. It’s there beneath every post you ever make on your page in black and white; the number of people you’ve […]

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Automated tools for Twitter and how not to use them

It’s human nature; if there’s something you can do or use that will essentially lessen the time it takes you to complete a certain task then you’re going to make use it aren’t you? So with that established, when shouldn’t you be taking that short cut? The answer with Twitter is when it adds no […]

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Are your Hootsuite scheduled posts failing?

Thousands and thousands of Twitter accounts across the South West will be using Hootsuite to schedule tweets. Have you been getting notifications recently saying that yours have failed? If you have the most likely reason is that you’ve tried to send the same tweet more than once. In recent months the platform has begun rejecting […]

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Get more for your 140 characters

No matter what your job, you’ve probably got a few things that really irritate you. For us, our pet peeves probably lay in areas that others just don’t notice or simply don’t care! We’ve had one for a while and it’s been on Twitter. For a social network that’s supposed to be all about conversation […]

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