Constantine Bay Surf Store website launched


If you’ve ever been to Constantine Bay in Cornwall you’ll know you’re pretty near the heart of surfing.

Seven bays for seven days, sun-kissed sand and world class waves means this is an area that see’s it’s fair share of surfers flocking all year round.

Just a few hundred meters from that sand at Constantine Bay is a small surf store with a massive reputation.

Hawaii, the Gold Coast, Portugal or California, no matter how far you venture from that north Cornwall coast there’s one little logo that will follow you around the world; the Constantine Bay Surf Store logo.

Boards across the world are adorned with it and it’s not happened overnight; built up over more than two decades the store is quickly recognisable.

We quickly found that ourselves; when asked what we’re working on and muttering the words “Constantine Bay Surf Store” you’re immediately met with a nod of recognition, of knowledge.

It’s great to work with established businesses that are great at what they do.  We were delighted to be asked to work on this site for Des at Constantine Bay and we’ll even have to learn how to surf and keep an eye on the daily surf report from here on in!

Enjoy the site and the surf at Constantine by visiting

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