Ecommerce website launched for new sustainable Felted Sheepskins business

  • 25th February 201925/02/19
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We’ve known Rosie at Felted Sheepskins for a number of years, previously as a highly successful wedding photographer and now as the owner as a local small holding, which creates the most amazing sheepskin rugs. The rugs themselves are made from shearing the sheep, rather than the actual skin, so no sheep were harmed in the making of this website or the rugs either!

This is the first website the Felted Sheepskins business has had, so we worked closely with Rosie to make sure we built the clear idea and concept that she had in her head. The site has full ecommerce capability, allowing Rosie to easily sell her rugs online. We know that they’re visually fantastic so we’ve also made sure we’ve made the most of photography throughout this site.

Take a look at her website here:

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