Encouraging your visitors to conversion

Your website should be about converting people to conduct a desired action.  Quite often this will be the conversion of visitors to sales or enquiries but it can also apply to a multitude of other things you want your website visitors to do.

For example, do you want them to complete a survey in order to gain customer feedback, to logon and access account and payment information or to chat online to your support team?

No matter what your conversion objective, you need the right form of conversion tools in order to not only encourage the desired action, but to make it as easy as possible for the visitor to conduct.

An example of this is if you want someone to sign up for a stay at your holiday cottage try to understand how it is they want to book and how it is you want them to book.

Do the two match and if they don’t what do you do?

If you want them to complete a form then make sure your form is quick and easy to complete. Also make sure that you aren’t asking for information you don’t actually need!

If they want to be able to call them then make sure that you give them your telephone number too!

When we say the right conversion tools to convert, we mean the right ones to fulfil your needs but more importantly those of the visitor; if they don’t have the experience that they want of your website then they’ll be that much less likely to book with you.

So what do we learn from this; like all areas of business, understanding your customer is key.  Taking note of what it is they want and giving to them will see your conversions on an upward rather than a downward slope.

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