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  • 15th August 201615/08/16
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Every now and again Facebook like to change things up a little, so if you’ve got a Facebook Page for your business, don’t be surprised if you notice a change in the design of your page over the coming weeks.

Many people will already be seeing their new page design, whilst others will have to wait a little while longer, just in case you’re wondering why yours is in the old format! Things of this size do unfortunately need to be rolled out gradually, although the fact that Facebook haven’t made any comment on the changes suggests that this may well be a trial, rather than something that will be here to stay.

If you aren’t one of the chosen ones to have the new layout, this is what is different…

1.Information, buttons, and features are no longer at the top of the page.

This creates a more spacious and minimal feel. Our page appears less cluttered and buttons are to the left of the screen which allows us to access them no matter how far down we’ve scrolled (known as a sticky menu).

2.The cover photo is central.

A profile picture no longer infringes on the cover photo meaning the page looks clearer. The profile picture is now to the left of the page, which means a good cover photo is more important than ever as it is central.

3.Call to action more visible.

Instead of appearing as an afterthought, the call to action button is now more obvious and clear. Located to the right of the page in a stand-out blue box, ‘Contact Us’ is easier for users to spot.

4.Search posts.

If you, or a user, are looking for a particular post then you no longer need to scroll through your entire post history. A handy search bar to the right of the screen allows users to get straight to what they want instead of spending time scrolling.

5.More page tabs are visible

On the left of the page, underneath the logo, is a vertical list of page tabs. You can display and hide which ever tabs you want, but there are more available that previously.

Overall, the new Facebook page design looks fresh and user friendly. Whilst it does remind us of Facebook’s style in 2007, we have high hopes for this design. We don’t know whether it will stay like this, or change again, but for now we’re enjoying the developments.

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