Facebook Statistics: Where a lot can happen in a day and a month

  • 17th October 201317/10/13
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We’ve taken a look at some interesting Facebook statistics that emphasise just how large the world’s biggest social network is.

Here is how the figures shape up for the average Facebook day:

  • One in every seven minutes spent on the internet is devoted to Facebook
  • 699 million Facebook users are active on any given day – that accounts for 64% of the 1.1 billion total users
  • The population of the UK is approximately 63 million.  24 million of those (a staggering 38%) will access their Facebook account during a single day
  • A central element to Facebook is sharing with friends; there are 4.5 billion ‘likes’ per day meaning that the average person will ‘like’ four posts per day.  This has contributed to the overall total of 1.13 trillion ‘likes’ since Facebook launched
  • 350 million photos are uploaded to Facebook each day.  Whilst we’re unsure of how many of these are embarrassing, what we do know is that this works out to be a mind boggling 4,000 per second!
  • How about a month?

  • More people now use their mobile and the Facebook App is incredibly busy; 819 million users access Facebook from their mobile each month
  • Facebook pages, whether for business or for pleasure and interest bring people together around topics; more than a post a day is added to Facebook pages, with the average receiving 36 updates per month
  • Just how much time do we spend on Facebook? In a month the average person will spend more than a full working day on the social network, working out at at 8.4 hours and equating to 201 million hours per day spent in the United Kingdom alone!
  • Do you go on to Facebook every day? If you do then you’re in the majority and not the minority; three out of four users log on at least once a day
  • Addicted to Candy Crush? Built the most productive farm that Farmville has ever seen? You‘re probably not alone as 250 million (around 23% of Facebook users) will play a game on Facebook over the course of a month
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