Five reasons why social media is worth the effort

  • 6th January 20176/01/17
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Five reasons why social media is worth the effort


42% of users learn about brands through Twitter
This means you could be seriously increasing your customer base by getting on Twitter and engaging on a regular basis.


91% of all 15-34 year olds use Facebook
There are around 16 million people in this age group in the UK alone. Reach them, and you could gain a lot of business and repeat custom.


68% of users engage with brands regularly.
With this level of brand engagement, it comes as no surprise that regularly posting great photos on Instagram can have a positive impact on small businesses.


68% of users engage with brands regularly
There are 100 million active users on Pinterest, with 87 million people using the site to decide what to buy.


There’s 2.3 billion social media users
Your potential customers or clients are on social media; understand which one’s they’re using and commit time to engaging with them. The results will follow.

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