Five tips to help your social media activity

Don’t lose sight or focus of what it is you’re doing it for

Your social media activity, like all other activity, should have a purpose.  That purpose should be fully understood and for clarity it should be written down somewhere.

If you’re on social media because you think you should be or because it’s just something that you know you have to spend time on then the time you spend is likely to be unfocussed.  That lack of focus will cost you minutes or hours every day.

Things are done quicker when you know what it is you’re working toward and everything becomes that much more focussed.

Keep a close eye on what you are achieving

So you know what you’re working towards, how do you measure how you are doing against that goal?  We all have goals in life and we set targets in order to ascertain how it is we’re doing against those goals and to check we’re moving in the right direction.

If you’re trying to lose weight you’ll weigh yourself, if you’re building a business you’ll look at financial figures.

Social media is no different; if you’re trying to get new business then how much have you got?  If you are getting plenty of work then how are you doing it? Once you know then do more of it! Alternatively if something isn’t working for you then move on and find things that do work.

Your goals and targets should be making the time you spend more and more focussed and the benefits you derive from it greater and greater.

Consistently take a look at your goals and objectives – are they being met?

Make sure you’re goals are realistic but not too easy for you to achieve.  If you’re smashing your targets each month then that’s great but have you set them too low?

If you’re not meeting them the ultimate temptation is to revise them downwards or to put off reporting.  What you should do is take the positives; establish what it is that isn’t working and improve upon it in order to meet those goals.

Don’t separate your online ‘life’ from your offline ‘life’!

Social media is by definition social.  It can put your business in front of people that otherwise would never have heard of you.  That’s a really powerful thing but don’t forget that people still buy from people.  Get out there and make meetings with people you talk to on social media; it’ll increase your chances of working with them.

Don’t let it become a time drain – allocate your time and keep to it!

Biggest question we get asked about social media?

“I don’t have time for it – how am I supposed to fit it all in?”

We’re all busy people and social media shouldn’t be a time drain for you.  One way you can combat this is by allocating an acceptable level of time commitment during the week.

Stick to it; don’t go over the time and do make sure you spend the tine you’ve allocated.

Just like we said about your goals above, the longer you go on the more you’ll be able to accurately evaluate whether or not your time commitment is sufficient, not enough or too much!

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