Five ways to get more followers on Twitter

  • 5th September 20165/09/16
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If you’re on Twitter the ultimate goal is to have as many relevant followers as possible. Note that I’ve included the word relevant, because as much as it fills our vanity with joy that we’ve got a huge amount of followers, if they’re made up of people that are never going to buy from us or lots of egg profile photos (those that haven’t even set up a profile photo and are likely to be inactive on Twitter) then it simply isn’t going to cut the mustard.

So how do you increase the number of people following you on Twitter? Here’s our five top tips to boost that number day after day…

Follow people with a purpose

This goes back to the relevant point; if you follow people that are pertinent to your business i.e. people that could and would buy from you, then they’re more likely to follow you back as your product / service is of interest.

It therefore stands to reason if you follow 10 new accounts a day, if you’re relevant to them then they’re more likely to follow you back and boost those following numbers.

Following people on a willy-nilly basis isn’t going to do you any favours, apart from clogging up your newsfeed with information that you’re not going to want to read!

Interact with people at the point of following

One that far too many people miss; when you follow someone don’t just click follow, interact with them! Simply pressing follow and doing nothing else on Twitter is the equivalent of walking up to someone, placing a business card in their pocket and then walking off!

You wouldn’t do that, so don’t do this! Interaction (liking, commenting, and engaging with someone by introducing yourself) can increase the number of people following you back from around three out of 10 to seven out of 10.

It’s an easy win and will make sure you’re not following far more than are following you back.

Tweet regularly

Biggest groan always goes out around a room during Twitter training when I say that you should be tweeting regularly and that does take time! If time is something you don’t have then make sure you commit at least a little to it every day, or give someone else the task of doing it without fear of reprisal (they need to be able to add a little personality to the account).

Tweeting everyday will quickly increase the number of people following your account.

Stand out with imagery and interesting content

The more people share your content through re-tweeting the further it will reach, so the onus needs to be on sharing interesting stuff and plenty of photos! Photos stand out on the newsfeed and also gain a lot more traction with people as a result. The more retweets you get, the more you’ll find followers flocking in, so dust of the iPhone camera and get snapping!

Use #FF on Fridays

Easiest way to get your account seen further is by using the Follow Friday hashtag. You can be sure anyone you @mention in these tweets is going to ret-tweet, and as we said that allows your account to be seen by more and more people. They’ll quickly turn into new followers for your account…

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