Focus and research are keys to an effective Search Engine Optimisation strategy

  • 16th December 201316/12/13
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So why focus and research? The reason I say this is that an unfocussed SEO (search engine optimisation) campaign is not going to deliver the best possible return, which after all is what your business will be looking for.

And how is it that you make sure that you are maximising your return? Put simply weighing up where the largest search volumes surrounding your products or services are against how high heavy the competition is for that search phrase.

The sweet spot for an SEO campaign is always going to fall where you can rank highly against your competition for a phrase that is going to deliver strong levels of website traffic.

If the competition is too high, you’re going to be spending a lot of time and money to compete with what potentially could be very big players.  Do you have the time, resources and budget to make this a legitimate strategy?

On the other hand, if competition is low and traffic is low you could well end up ranking one for a search term that delivers you no traffic, and as a result, no new business.

So that holy grail is the search term that delivers traffic to your site, but with your budget makes it realistic to get high up the rankings.

Find these terms and focus on them.  Don’t however fall into the common pitfall and have an extensive list of key phrases that you would like to rank highly for.  You won’t unfortunately be able to rank highly for absolutely everything so make sure you have a hierarchy of the terms you are focussing on and keep the big winners at the top.

And how do you find those big winners? You guessed it, thorough research!

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