What is Google looking at when you launch a new website?

Earlier in the week we answered a question we’d been regularly asked since the launch of our own website – how long does it take to appear and rank well in Google and other search engines with a new website?

Today we’ll take a glance at a few of the things that Google will be using to rank our website against others and to work out what it is our site is all about.

The full Google algorithm is incredibly advanced so we’ll just be looking at some of the basic and key points for you.

How long has your domain been around?

If your website is brand new you’ll be competing against other websites that have been around for a much longer period of time.  They’ll have built up some trust (through a variety of means) with Google over that period and with this in mind you won’t be competing directly with them within a day or two.  They have a bit of a head start and you need to start catching up.

At MiHi we are able to put search strategies in place to allow you to compete with other more mature domain names and will help you rank better for the search terms your customers will be searching for.

Links to your site

If your site is brand new it won’t have any links from other sites.  You can think of a link from another website as a vote of confidence.  If they are linking to your site they’re saying it’s of good quality and worth a look.  The more high quality websites that connect to your own site, the more Google is going to rate the quality of your content.

Lets get you out there gaining links from other sites.

Your Meta Title and Page Content

The meta title is the title of each of your pages.  You’ll find this appears as the first line in search results and combines with the content of your page to tell Google what it is your page is about.

If you go back to the basic purpose of Google or any other search engine, it is to provide you with the most accurate search results for your query.  This means your site should contain the content that will rank for phrases that your site is about.

If you don’t have the content on a subject you shouldn’t expect to be ranking for it.

Social Media

We are going to deviate slightly as there has previously not been a complete and direct correlation between social media and search engine rankings.  However, the more people that share your content through social media, the greater the chances for you to increase your visibility and for people to link back to your own site.

Regular, Great Content

How often is your website updated?  If it is never or very sporadically then it’s not going to be a positive.  Think about why and how people would link to your content.  If it is of good quality and regularly updated then people are going to want to link to it and share it.  You’ll be on to a winner!

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