Guest Post from Siblinc: The Importance of Great Copy

Imagine you’ve just bought your dream car. You’ve saved for years, working your fingers to the bone and building up a nest egg to make this not insignificant investment. The car is shiny, it’s new, it shaves years off how old you feel and it really looks the business.

You take it to your local filling station to prime it for its maiden weekend road trip and – the horror – you cram it to the max with the wrong fuel.

Now imagine this: you’ve been saving for years, working your fingers to the bone and building up a nest egg to make a not insignificant investment in a fantastic, responsive, beautiful, well-designed website.

And you fill it with the wrong copy.

The wrong fuel will stop you in your tracks

A new, professionally built website is something all ambitious professionals should have in their business plan. You might not have the money to invest in such a thing when you’re just starting out (think about your first car: bit of a banger but it got you on your way) and this is understandable.

But eventually, the time will come to upgrade to something that better reflects the quality of your product or service. And so many people invest thousands of pounds in getting their web design spot on but they forget the importance of filling it with the right stuff.

We’ve seen it time and time again: truly beautiful websites with confused marketing messages, poorly constructed copy, grammatical errors and even whacking great spelling mistakes. On the home page.

The right fuel will take you far

The right words in the right order can support the quality of your business. It can boost your brand’s personality and make people want to welcome you into their lives. It can make them laugh, touch on something that’s important to them and provide answers to problems with which they’ve been struggling. Plus it can secure you a much better spot in search results.

This is what copywriters do. They get into the minds of your customers and tease out that vital information: WIIFM – what’s in it for me? Then they organise it in an accurate, well-thought-out and entertaining manner.

Customers don’t really care about when you were established, the name of your MD’s dog or even how many awards you’ve won. They want to know what you can do for them. That’s the self-centred nature of modern consumers and it’s something that so many businesses forget.

Go the distance

So when you’re planning your new website, it makes good business sense to find a little extra in the budget for great copy. We work with a lot of web designers who recommend our services to complement their own. The result? Extremely happy customers.

Customers who’ve spent a little extra and got a whole lot more.

Siblinc is a full-service copywriting agency run by four sisters. Based in Devon, they each possess ample copywriting experience and have worked with businesses locally, nationally and all over the world. (

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