What happens when you’ve followed 2,000 people on Twitter

So you’ve been on Twitter a while and you’ve been busy.

You’ve followed a massive 2,000 people.  Your eyes are rolling in a blur of tweets but the fun and games are about to be stopped.

Twitter isn’t happy!

Twitter has a following ceiling that means that once you are following 2,000 people it won’t let you follow any more, unless of course you have a good number of followers.

You’ll get a message when you next go to follow someone indicating that you’re currently blocked from following any more people at the moment.

Why have they done this I hear you cry?

The answer is simply to stop spammers from endlessly following people.  They also know that many people will follow a lot of people in order to boost their own following; the ‘I follow you, you’ll follow me back’ methodology.

You’ll often even get people sometimes following you for a day, seeing that you’ve not yet followed them back and then de-following in short succession.

This really is poor Twitter etiquette and to be honest against the point of doing it, which after all is to get into dialogue, not to try to give yourself a larger platform from which to persistently shout outwards from.

The general rule to get past the 2,000 following ceiling is to have an 80% followers to following ratio.  So on that basis to have 1,600 followers to your 2,000 following.

This ratio is however not hard and fast. If you read around the internet you’ll see people with various levels of following being hit by the ceiling.

So what do you do?

If you’ve got the message then why not use it as a positive rather than a roadblock?

Go through who you are following and have a quality check.  Think if those people are doing your Twitter account and your business any benefit.  Do you interact with these people, do you share their content, do they share yours?

2,000 Twitter accounts is a lot to be following so there will inevitably be some in there that just aren’t worth it.  Take this time to look at them and address them, your Twitter account will be all the better for it!

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  • NB: Since we wrote this article, Twitter has now increased its follow limit to 5,000 — happy tweeting!

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