How do your email marketing open and click through rates compare with others?

The great thing about email marketing is that you should be gaining a whole host of information on open rates and click throughs from your campaigns.  However, when these are looked at in isolation how do you know if your campaigns are performing well or poorly?

Whilst open rates and click throughs will vary from industry to industry we tend to look at anywhere from 25 – 35% as being an average open rate.  You should then be expecting around 20 – 35% of those emails opened to be clicked on by the recipient.

There are many factors that will contribute to an open rate, for example how focussed your communication is to the recipient and the quality of your email database.  Again, if you send an email without many clicking opportunities or an email campaign that isn’t really relevant to the recipient then you shouldn’t be expecting mass amounts of click throughs.

A more in-depth list of figures has been provided by Mail Chimp.  By clicking on this link you’ll be able to see the open and click through rates for a range of different industry sectors: 

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