Why is it important to get your website right before you do anything else?

We believe that your website is the single most important aspect of your digital presence and the very first thing that you need to get right.  Here’s why:

It is the biggest single resource on your company

This is the first point we say and it is one that is easily forgotten.  Whether your website is five pages, fifty or five hundred, where else will you find that shear volume of information in one place?  Your website is your ultimate shop window whether you are selling online or not and your shop window needs to give off the right perceptions about your products and services.

It is where everybody will go to find you – whether it is new customers searching for your products or services or existing customers looking for contact information

Your website will perform a number of different purposes for you.  Whether its enticing a new customer to buy from you or providing information to existing customers, they’ll all be looking for their needs to be fulfilled in one place.  That place is your website.

Understanding the primary reasons people will be using your site will be a key determinate in how successful you are in meeting those needs and addressing them.

Always remember that your website needs to do what people are looking for it to do.  If it does it will add value and be a success.

It is no longer alright to have an average, do-it-yourself website – what perception does this give your customers?

Think back to the first point we made and then have a think about what perception you gain of a business if their website is just one page or looks homemade.

Devon and Cornwall has some high quality services and products across all sectors.  What makes them what they are is their quality and your website should certainly not be the weak link.

If your product is premium your website should be too.  Customers and potential customers will be steered by what your website looks like during the decision making process and you should be reinforcing what they’ll be getting at every stage.

All other methods of online marketing aim to drive traffic to your website – if it isn’t good enough to convert those visitors then everything falls down!

Social media, SEO, email marketing or Google Ad Campaigns all aim to get people to your site.

Then what?

If it doesn’t do you justice, if there are issues or it just doesn’t convert then you’ll be spending even more money in order to get more people to your website in order to make sales.

Think again; get your website right.  Send the people to your new site that converts.  You’ll need to spend less money because you’re converting more and you’ll make back the money spent on addressing your site quicker than the money you would have been spending driving traffic!

You’ll essentially spend less and make more!!

For more information about how we can design a website that does your business justice please call 01566 784860 or email

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