How do you increase your rankings on Google by up to 100 positions?

  • 15th June 201615/06/16
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Ok so I know I’ve got your attention with the title, allow me to explain a little bit more about how we’ve done this for several clients, without it costing them the earth…

The problem with SEO as a small business owner in the South West

As a small business owner, and despite the emergence and rise of social media marketing in recent years, Google is still going to be a powerful and productive source of potential leads for your business. The problem is that as a small business you might not have the budget to commit to a large spend with a company that promises to get you onto page one for a selection of key phrases, nor can you be expected to know how to do it yourself.

I also get those annoying emails!

The final burning issue is that faith and trust in these agencies is low; you’ll be glad to hear that I’m not immune from getting five or six emails every day offering to get my own website ranking sky high!

So what is the answer?

So what do you do? Stay stuck where you are, or perhaps roll the dice on the quality of the company you deal with?

My answer is that you probably shouldn’t do either, as I really do believe that I have the actual answer.

When I first set up MiHi Digital I wanted to genuinely help local businesses gain more revenue. My thought has always been that if my clients are successful then they’ll be telling lots of people about my company, and have more budget to invest in my expertise, leading to more and more growth.

Let me tell you how I’ve answered the SEO issues I’ve mentioned above:

You don’t have much to spend and you don’t understand SEO yourself

Around three years ago I created what I call an “SEO Audit and Roadmap”. Sound snazzy doesn’t it? But what does it do? It’s essentially a document that explains all of the aspects that effect your sites rankings on Google, shows you which key phrases people are actually searching for and the actions you need to take in order to rank higher.

It’s written in plain English and it’s written by me; the upshot of this is that every document is completely bespoke and tailored to your business. You can then carry out the actions yourself, with telephone support from us, or you can ask us to do them.

The document is £250 + VAT and it gets results (see below!). Want us to carry out the actions? It’s an extra £125 + VAT. Of the clients that undertake the audit I’d say honestly that around half carry the actions out themselves, whilst the others will ask us to do them for them.

Whichever way you go, all of them now know what they need to be doing going forward; whether it’s adding blogs in an SEO friendly way or uploading images. They’re all building their presence on Google free from an ongoing retainer.

Don’t trust SEO? Here are some of our results

Trust is built through delivering results, so I thought it would be helpful to share a few of our most recent audit results, now that they’ve had a few months to work their magic!

A wedding venue in Cornwall

A competitive market but one we’ve delivered in; this business has seen ranking increases of 70 places inside two months. That includes moving from 17th to 4th for a key phrase we know will drive them enquiries throughout the year!

Textiles company in Cornwall

Not ranking in the top 100 for the three key phrases that matter; they are three months on, and what is more they’re on the first page for all three! That’s a gain of more than 300 places!

So what to do?

If you want more business from Google then I do believe our SEO Audit is an absolute winner for small business owners; it’s worked for other businesses like yours and will work for many more! If you’d like to know more then give us a call on 01566 784860 or email

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