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  • 21st June 201621/06/16
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One of the most important factors within YouTube’s algorithm is keywords. Having the right keywords, and using them properly can really help boost your rankings within YouTube and increase the number of people that see your video as a result.

How to find the right words

How do you know which key words to include with your video we hear you ask! A simple way to find appropriate keywords is to have a search on Google. If we were to post a video on YouTube SEO, a quick search reveals that if we search for ‘digital marketing YouTube SEO’ a list of websites comes up, as well as 2 or 3 videos.

It is important to get a results page that includes videos.

Top tip: How to

Looking for an easy win? Include ‘how to’ with all of your videos as many viewers looking for instructions prefer a visual answer, leading them right to your video.

Find even more potential keywords

Another way to find popular keywords is to use the Key Word Planner through Google AdWords. By entering potential keywords, you can see how many searches they gain on Google per month. This is likely to be mirrored on YouTube so you can find the ones that are going to gain the most visibility.

Long-tail keywords

As well as simple keywords, it is important to use long-tail keywords. They are phrases that viewers search in order to find something specific, such as “how to increase YouTube SEO”. Long-tail keywords are great for targeting potential viewers who are after something specific, whilst keywords are perfect for those looking for something more general.

Using keywords

We’ve got our keywords and our long-tail keywords, now we just need to use them.

Including keywords wherever possible can contribute to better rankings. The best places to use both keywords and long-tail keywords are:
- Video title
- Filename
- Tags
- Description

Try to avoid overfilling your title with keywords, it still needs to sound natural and make sense. A bad title would be something like “How to SEO YouTube high rankings”. A good title would be “How to increase YouTube rankings using SEO”.

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