What are Instagram Nametags?

  • 16th August 201816/08/18
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Instagram has been releasing a lot of updates recently, such as Topic Channels, IGTV, the ability to add music to your stories and video chat in direct messaging. Whilst most of the updates are pretty self-explanatory, the release of Nametags has left users a little confused as to what they are, and how they should be used.

So how does this new feature work, and will it benefit you and your small business?

What’s the idea behind Nametags?

This feature is designed to make it easier for you to connect with people on Instagram and quickly add new friends. You are assigned a unique code which other users can scan, meaning they can quickly follow you and start seeing your content.

To see your Nametag, you need to click the icon when you are on your profile in the app.

You can change the design of your unique code by clicking the options along the top. You may wish to have a different colour, display emoji’s or even a selfie – whatever you think best reflects your brand.
You can then take a screenshot of your unique nametag and share it wherever you feel appropriate, in order to encourage people to give you a follow.

To scan someone’s Nametag you just press the button at the bottom. This will bring up the scanner, which you now hold over someone else’s Nametag.
The Verdict – is this something you should be using?

We think for business owners in the South West, this most likely isn’t the best of the bunch when it comes to Instagram’s new features. It feels a little gimmicky, and whilst we advise all of our clients to keep up to speed with the latest on social media, this isn’t something which is going to boost your business necessarily. What we still maintain is an excellent tool for growing your following and connecting with your consumers is Instagram Stories – so make sure you’re using them as much as possible!

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