Instructions for setting up Google Analytics on your website – 10 steps to a world of online information

  • 17th December 201317/12/13
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  1. Do you already have a Google Account? If you don’t do a Google search for “Google Account” and follow the quick steps and sign up for one.  You’ll need this to have a Google Analytics account.
  2. Once this is set up visit and press sign up in the top right hand corner.
  3. Fill out all of the information required on the right hand side of your page.
  4. Click on “Admin” over on the right hand side of your page.
  5. On the next screen click under “ACCOUNT” and “Create new account”.
  6. Fill out the information required including your website address and the area in which your business works.  Stick with the “Universal Analytics” option and also make sure you change the time zone to the UK! You’ll wonder why all of your visitors are arriving at strange times of night otherwise.
  7. You’ll now need to accept the Terms and Conditions!
  8. You’ll then be provided with some ‘tracking code’ which will need to be pasted on to every page of your website.  Copy and paste this and send it to your website developers.  It will be a quick job for them and it certainly won’t be the first time they have been asked.
  9. Once the tracking code has been added the next time you log on to your analytics account you should be able to see that visitors are now being tracked and you are getting a bucket load of information.
  10. Note it sometimes takes a few hours or a day for Google to pick up your code and begin giving you results.

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