iPad Air and the new improved iPad Mini: Key features

  • 24th October 201324/10/13
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So the time has come.

It’s time for Apple users with that insatiable itch for the next product announcement to sit back and read.

It’s here – it’s the iPad Air (although you’ll have to wait until 1st November at the earliest to get your hands on one).

Here’s a round up of the major new product features:

It’s thinner!

To be precise the iPad Air is said to be 20% thinner than the existing iPad.  It’s the thinnest and lightest iPad to date measuring in at a miserly 7.5mm thick and weighing 454g.

Same Chip as the iPhone 5s

The iPad Air will be powered by the same i7 chip as the current iPhone 5S.

The Price

The iPad Air will set you back a cool £399, with the 4G version coming in at a starting point of £499

iPad Mini – Retina Upgrade and new chip

The iPad Mini has had the upgrade to a retina display that many thought it should have had at original launch.  It will also now be powered by the same i7 chip as its bigger brother the iPad Air and the existing iPhone.

So that’s it in a nutshell.  You just have to wait (all-be-it in a very long que) until 1 November 2013!

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