Large change to Google noticed this morning – the end of 10 results per page?

  • 8th February 20188/02/18
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When you go to Google you’ll likely be familiar with receiving 10 results per page; they have been doing it that way for more than a decade after all!

Today, things seem to have changed! We’re currently receiving a long list of around 50 results for every search we conduct.

Does that mean that it’s the end for those 10 search result pages?


What does it mean for your business in real terms?

In reality, perhaps not a great deal! Click through rates drop significantly as you go down the page, so if you’re currently in 9th or 10th you’re likely to be receiving a very low level of traffic from that search term. The only change that this may bring about are slight increases in traffic for those ranked between 11 – 15, where the user no longer has to flick through to the second page, although, bear in mind these will again be very low levels of click through traffic.

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