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  • 19th October 201319/10/13
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Have a think about your favourite or most visited website.  Then think about how and when you access it.  On what device are you accessing it? Is it just one or is it many? Is the time you spend on it constrained to a certain proportion of the day?

For a growing number of us the answer will be that we now view websites through a variety of different platforms, whether on tablets, smart phones or our trusty desktops and that we view them at any time of the day.

Apple alone sells a reported 48 million iPhones in the average quarter.  Throw that forward to a year and that’s getting on for 200 million!  The growth is also relentless, with that figure a staggering 200% higher than had I been writing this blog post in 2010.

In the UK 12 million adults now own a tablet.  Of those with access to the internet 28% will be using a table at some point during their day.

So what do all of these answers and statistics tell us?

That, as if you didn’t already know, there is a growing trend toward people using a variety of different devices in order to access information and to reinforce or enable purchase decision making behaviour.

Consumers are transcending from single channel to multi-channel.

Where we were once able to supply everything through one single port – the desktop website – we now need to take in to consideration the way in which all of our visitors are interacting with our content in order to maximise the chances that they’ll be buying from us and not our competitors.

There has been an increased adoption by website owners in having a site that works well on mobile as well as on desktop.  For those that have not already got this, are you at risk of your customers and technology leaving you behind in the race for conversion and sales?

For those that have a website that works well on mobile, does your site fair equally well on the potentially more immersive environment of the tablet?

Tablets are often used to surf the internet and on average can be anything between four to eight times the size of your phone.  Many will only have WiFi rather than 3G connectivity so will be used in the home or the local coffee shop; they aren’t being used on the go or under time pressures.

All of this adds up to your consumers being able to be focus on and immerse themselves in your site.

So does your mobile site do the job for the tablet or is it your desktop version that’s stepping up to the plate?

Either way you’ll want to make sure there isn’t a gaping hole down the middle of your online strategy.

The moral of the current and emerging digital story is for you to have all of your bases covered; namely to make sure you look great to your customer every time they see you online.  After all, if you don’t your competitor will.

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