How many people really read your tweets?

  • 30th June 201630/06/16
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It’s a very simple question for today; do you really know how many people see your tweets?  Most people will be aware of their reach on Facebook because they make it very easy for you. It’s there beneath every post you ever make on your page in black and white; the number of people you’ve reached, right next to that ruddy great big blue boost button.  Having looked into this I’m convinced that the number displayed there is actually lower than the number reached in reality, but that’s a debate for another day and another blog post.

The reason we ask the Twitter question is because we tend to find it’s not commonly known, despite being provided with every tweet you make.  We’re often asked if we saw that tweet you sent yesterday, or if you tweet more often whether or not people will get fed up with you.

The truth is that Twitter is a constantly moving stream of information; far more so than Facebook.  Blink and you miss it.  Tweet once and they miss it.

Our own Twitter account has around 4,100 followers as we write this article.

The amount of people that will see the average tweet is around 200 – 400 (without any re-tweets or likes).

Lets go with round numbers; by our maths that’s 5 – 10% of our following seeing a single tweet sent from us.  Far fewer than the much lamented Facebook advertising algorithm which restricts reach to around 15 – 20% of your page likes.

So what do can you do to increase the reach of your tweets and gain more traction in the big pool with the big Twitter fish?

Tweet Regularly

If you want to gain from Twitter we’re afraid you’re going to spend time on it and tweet regularly.  Mohammad Ali didn’t become the greatest because he said he was; there was plenty of hard work behind the bravado.  Don’t be afraid to tweet about similar topics too; chances are the majority of the people that end up seeing your tweet won’t have seen the last.

Note; this isn’t me giving you license to hammer the same tweet over and over again!

Use photos

No brainer and one you’ll probably already know – use photos and you’ll stand out.  People will re-tweet, or read your tweet more often if it’s got a photo with it because a picture pains a thousand words.  The old ones are sometimes the best and it’s true here.


Mention people. Congratulate people.  Share humour.  Whatever it is don’t make it dull because you’ll soon be forgotten.  Whilst Ali was in the gym a lot he was also an incredibly charismatic person; it’s those moments that we remember, as well as his true athletic and god given ability in the ring.


It didn’t do the Karate Kid any harm and with so much information it’ll stand you in good stead.  Focus is the key to Twitter success and lists help you focus.  Wax one list on, wax another off and you’ll be the king of the dojo.  Have lists that match your goals on Twitter; if you want to improve relationships with clients then have a list full of them and promote them and engage with them each time you go online.

Got a pipeline of prospective clients? Same thing goes; have a list and use it to your advantage!

Don’t know what lists are? Have a look through our blog and you’ll be learning from the Mr Miagi of Twitter (self appointed!)

We hope all that helps, but if you have any questions you know where we are and we’re always happy to help.

For more information on how we can boost your online presence give us a call on 01566 784860 or email

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