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  • 22nd February 201622/02/16
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You’ll have undoubtedly been told or have heard at some point that blogging can help your website’s performance in search engines. But how exactly does it do that and are you doing what you need to in order to maximise the chances of that happening?

We take a look at something called ‘inline linking’, which can ensure that you’re gaining more than you currently do when you’re adding blogs or latest news to your website.

What is inline linking?

‘Inline linking’ links your blog posts to other relevant sections of your website.

This is usually in the form of one or two text links to other content on your website within the blog post you’re adding.

Why would you do that we hear you cry!

Imagine a search engine spider visits your site. It wants to see what’s new, what’s changed and where it all stands in the bigger scheme of things! If your blog page has no links to other content the spider will likely just visit the page, and then either bounce off or go elsewhere.

What’s lacking is a link to other relevant content. For example, if we’re writing a blog post on social media, we’ll be sure to have a text link to our social media page within the article itself.

What’s then going to happen is that the next time our little search engine friend pops along; it’ll visit our blog post, and then visit our service page, understanding that the two are linked in terms of content and relevance.

This is exactly why you should use ‘inline linking’.

The benefits

Search engine spiders will explore your site, stay longer and also understand which content links to what! It’s an all round winner!

How to add links

Did you notice in the first paragraph the words ‘help your website’s performance in search engines’ is linked to our SEO page?

You can do the same by highlighting a selection of words, clicking the chain icon/link tool in your content management system (always tends to be a small chain icon) and then pasting the URL of the page you want to link to.

Top tip!

Avoid adding more than two links per post so it doesn’t look like spam!

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