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  • 6th January 20176/01/17
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Recently, you may have had a popup from Google about how mobile-friendly your site is. It sometimes appears on the right of your screen when on Google, and could actually really help you.

The popup is designed to encourage people to check how mobile-friendly their site is, and Google couldn’t have made it any easier to do. All you need to do is insert your URL, hit “test now” and view your results. The report shows friendliness, speed, and even offers help on how to improve your scores.

But why bother? You may think that your site looks great on desktop, but if it doesn’t look (or work!) just as good on a mobile device, then it could lose you a lot of business as people are five-times more likely to leave a site if it isn’t mobile friendly. Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons you need to take mobile sites seriously, no matter how small your online presence is.

It effects your rankings

Quite simply, if someone is searching on a mobile and your site isn’t mobile friendly it will rank lower than those that are. Your competitors with mobile sites will appear above you, and get those clicks and clients.

A lot of people are using mobile devices

51.3% of all web traffic now comes from mobile and tablet devices, so more than half of your visitors will be looking at your site from a mobile device. If your site needs users to squint, zoom, or is a hassle then the rate of conversion to enquiry will drastically reduce. A site should be easy for visitors to get in touch and learn about your business; if it isn’t then the results will speak for themselves.

The competition is already there

Your competitors are already on mobile, so why aren’t you? A lot of businesses in the South West have already realised how important it is to make their sites mobile friendly. If users aren’t getting a good experience on your site, then they will be going straight to your competitors where the mobile site is better. Can you afford that?

Speed matters

When it comes to having a good mobile site it needs to be quick. If it’s slow then it won’t rank as well; combine this with not having a mobile friendly site and you’ve dropped way beneath the competition. If your score is low on the mobile test with Google it is usually one of two things – your hosting or you’ve got some large images on your site. We can fix both!

Get tested

To get your site tested, visit and insert your URL. It’s really that simple!

If you’re in need of a new website, or advice with how to get noticed online, get in touch at 01566 232323 or email

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