How much is a Facebook Like worth?

  • 19th January 201419/01/14
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This is a really broad question and one with potentially many answers.  In essence it will depend on who the person is, how much they contribute to your businesses Facebook page and ultimately if it strengthens the relationship that you have with that person and encourages them to in the first instance, to buy from you, and in subsequent instances, buy repeatedly for you.

The reason that we wanted to pose this question is something that I refer to as the ‘numbers game’.  We as human beings like big numbers; to say we have more than a thousand likes, more than ten thousand followers, it gives us kudos, credibility and an all round feel good factor.

But what does it all mean?

How do you equate the value of one like or follower to a monetary figure?  The truth is it’s very difficult but what you do need to do is always keep a clear idea in your mind of why it is you’re doing it.  If you find yourself on Twitter asking for likes on your Facebook page just so you can get some better numbers, ask yourself why it is you’re doing it.

If this is the case the chances are that you may have deviated from your ultimate goal; whether it be to create another brand contact point, strengthen online relationships or increase reach.

There has to be a point to it all!

If your Facebook page is a rip roaring success then the chances are you wouldn’t need to be on Twitter asking for new followers; you’d be engaging with those advocates you already have on Facebook.

Remember, if we return for one second to the original question I posed, it is much better to have 20 really active people on your page that contribute regularly than 100 who have nothing to do with your page.

The reason? It’s not all about the numbers game; it’s about the value of those in the numbers game.

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