It’s official – MiHi Digital websites increase traffic by an average of 25%

  • 20th August 201720/08/17
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It’s official – MiHi Digital websites bring you 25% more visitors!

It’s a worry that many business owners have when embarking on a new website project; what happens to all of the work you’ve put into your existing site and the current level of visitors you gain (particularly if you’ve previously invested money on SEO)?

The answer can vary drastically depend on who builds the new site for you – some will put a lot of effort in to making sure you don’t suffer, whilst others won’t or at added cost; it’s certainly worth checking on what your potential supplier says they will be doing when it comes to this area.

So what do we do and where do you stand when it comes to us?

When we build a site the traffic increases by an average of 25%

We’ve launched 25 sites so far this year, so we’ve taken a little look into the level of traffic those sites are now getting compared to where they were before.

The great news is that MiHi Digital clients gain an average of 25% more visitors than they did before – and all of the SEO work we do for our clients is included within the cost of their site, with no hidden or additional fees! 

How do we achieve that?

The research

There’s no point in ranking for phrases that don’t have people searching for them, or that are highly competitive and unrealistic for you to rank within the top few places for.  With that in mind we research where we can gain new customers or clients for your site and put you right in front of them.

Implementing that research

Once we identify what you should rank for we then make sure the site does just that.  This is the first step in achieving the increases we’re proven to deliver.

This activity includes your page titles (which form the first line of Google search listings), page descriptions (which form the second and third line of Google search listings), and other more technical things such as sitemaps and Google Webmaster Tools verification.

We look after all of this for you, so there’s no expectation for you to be a digital guru or technical wizard! That’s what we’re here for!

Redirecting your pages

At the moment all of your pages are on Google and a bit like most people, Google likes stability and consistency.  If your new site has the same pages but at different urls (e.g. /about is now /about-us) then Google needs to know or you’ll risk losing the authority that page has gained over time and this in turn will hurt your rankings.

We redirect every one of your pages from the old to the new page – this takes a lot of time our end and it’s something that a lot of developers don’t do (or they only do the key pages) so make sure if you’re using someone else they’re doing it for all of your pages.

It’ll take them a lot of time but you’ll reap the rewards!

Want to know more?

Fancy the idea of a new site that has more visitors, better rankings and potentially more enquiries? Give us a call on 01566 232323 and we’ll be happy to chat through how we can help.  

We always meet all of our clients so we understand where you’re coming from and what your business needs, and we look forward to hearing about yours.

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