Page fold or no page fold – prioritising your content and pages remains important

  • 2nd December 20132/12/13
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There has been much said about the possible page fold of a website – does it exist? How important is it?

When you are reading this article advert your gaze to the bottom of your Internet browser.

That’s it, it’s there! The page fold, the point at which to view more of your content the visitor would have to scroll down.

Many are of the view that there is no longer a definitive page fold on websites. You can scroll more easily with the average desktop mouse and tablets and mobiles in particular have meant that content is certainly not restricted to what you can see on your screen.

One thing that is for certain is that page fold or not, you need to think carefully about the hierarchy of your content when addressing the experience of visitors to your website. What I mean here is if you open up your website is the information that your visitor values the most at the top of the page? Is there a call to action to generate enquiries and sales? Are your contact details at the top or if you have some sort of quick sales functionality for example, is this in a position where people are going to use it?

Make life easy for your visitors. Work out who it is that uses your website, how they interact with it and what they are looking to gain. Building a website around what your website visitor wants should be at the heart of a successful website.

Give them what they want and they will get it quickly, and quite possibly keep coming back again and again.

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