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Mark Worden

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The Client

As a digital marketing agency we tender for a lot of work, and in particular, a lot of website developments. When you do what we do, you realise that there’s a lot of people doing it, so a key point we want to get across to all of our potential clients is that we’ve got a track record in getting results.

With this in mind we’ve built a CV site for our Managing Director Mark Worden, which shows what it is he’s done and most importantly, what it is he’s delivered for clients over the past nine years.

The Result

The result is all about results! We’ve laid out examples of what we’ve previously delivered for our clients in a range of service areas. We know that potential clients want to know what it is they’re getting for their money, so this goes a long way to reassuring them that they will be getting great results.

We’ve also included testimonials, of which we have plenty, and a little more about his background in online and digital marketing. If you’re currently looking for a site please do get in touch with our team; we’re keen to get the results you want.

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