South West News

South West News

The Idea

At MiHi Digital, we wanted to take things a bit further, so we decided to create South West News, a site which brings the best of the South West to the forefront, whilst also providing local businesses with news and tips to help them boost their businesses.

The site had to fit with our branding, but remain distinct. It had to be easy to navigate with clear sections and distinguishable topics. We wanted it to look professional, yet show a bit of the South West cool coastal style.

Locality is at the heart of our business, so we were eager for things to remain that way. We wanted to give our clients the chance to promote themselves, whilst also assisting other businesses with handy articles and news.

The result

We are completely in love with our fantastic new site. The colour coded sections give life and vibrancy to the black and white theme, whilst the easy to navigate homepage provides users with plenty of information without overloading them with articles.

We’ve also added a cool review feature for things like events, social media management tools, and more. Users can see a score out of 10, as well as lists of pros and cons and scores for other things such as “usability” or “cost”.

Easily glide through sections and view videos, images, and articles on a responsive site that looks fantastic across all devices. South West News works brilliantly on desktop, mobile, and tablet, meaning you can stay up to date with local goings on anywhere you go!

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