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The Client

Sarah Hedderly is a registered animal chiropractic and course leader for MSc Animal Manipulation at McTimoney College.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience working with animals, in particular dogs and horses, and is now putting that expertise to work through her new business venture ‘Springs to Mind Online’, which will provide eager learners with online equestrian and canine courses.

In order to make the new venture a reality Sarah needed a website that allowed learners access to courses only once they’d paid for them and were logged in.

We like a challenge so we said that’s something we could definitely do, and from there we began…

The result

This site is ecommerce but not in the standard way; she’s selling courses and information rather than products! That means anyone buying a course needs to be able to have a login and access to it! So what we’ve essentially built for Sarah is a shop that links to course information.

Sarah can upload courses, set a price and potential students can then purchase these through the site. As soon as the payment is received the learner has instant access to that course, and all the lessons within it!

Payment, automated usernames and passwords, emailed instructions; you name it, this site does it all for Sarah! She just needs to relax and write the courses!


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Take a look around Springs to Mind's site - we hope you find it simple and easy to use.
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