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Synergy Marketing Ltd

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The Client

Synergy Marketing Ltd has more than 20 years of sales and marketing experience, providing a diverse range of telemarketing services for all types of clients.

Whether marketing telephone systems to schools, or selling prepared vegetables to UK prisons; Synergy helps businesses make calls to both improve and build current customer relationships, and put your brand in front of new potential prospects.

They wanted a website that displayed their services in a straightforward manner and was clear to understand throughout. They were also after a new logo that could be placed in any marketing material, including on the website.

The result

Understanding what it is a customer wants and needs is the cornerstone of any marketing business and something we know all too well here at MiHi Digital.

From one marketing company to another, we knew from the outset Synergy wanted a site that made it easy for potential clients to understand how Synergy could help, and answered any potential worries they may have when handing their calls over to a third party.

Synergy prides itself on getting to know a customer’s company inside out so it can make calls count. We’ve created a site that subtly reflects this mantra throughout, and gives visitors comprehensive information on how they help, and why they’re good at what they do.

And when you do visit the site you’ll also see a shiny new logo to reflect their new branding!

What the client said

We have been delighted with the new website and can’t recommend MiHi enough. Mark is very professional and his friendly, proactive approach inspired confidence right from the start, quickly understanding what we were trying to achieve. MiHi is extremely cost-effective, thorough and reliable: all in all – great to work with!

Corinne Shaw

Synergy Marketing Ltd

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