SEO Audit delivers 30% increase in traffic for global communications company

  • 5th September 20185/09/18
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Would you like your website to rank better than it already does? Want to drive more business enquiries by ranking for the phrases people are searching for when wanting your products or services? That’s exactly what our clients get when they undertake our SEO audit and the results continue to exceed everybody’s expectations!

The process works for businesses of all sizes – no matter if you’re just starting out and launching a new website or you turnover more than £500m, just like our latest client.

They came to us wanting to sharpen up their website visibility and that’s exactly what we achieved for them. Within a month they were receiving more than 30% more website traffic from search engines – so how exactly did they do it?

How can we get you more traffic from search engines?

We’ve got a little thing we call our SEO Audit and Roadmap.

It’s tried and tested and it gets results. It’s also incredibly easy to do yourself.

What happens is a business comes to us and explains what they do, who they’re trying to reach and who their main competitors are. From there we take a look at where you currently stand, what people are actually searching for and where you need to be ranking as a result.

Then what? We provide you with a completely bespoke document that tells you exactly what you need to change on your website and how. There’s nothing computer generated – it’s all carefully crafted for you by our in-house team!

The idea is that you not only improve your rankings but also learn what you need to be doing on an ongoing basis – it really is a win win!

To discuss how we can quickly increase traffic for your own website please give us a call on 01566 232323 or email us at and we’ll be happy to talk through your options.

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