What do those SEO terms mean and how do we use them to help you?

We help plenty of businesses of all sizes rank higher on Google each and every day.  So what is it we’re really doing? Here’s a few areas we focus on when looking at things we can improve on an actual website, minus the technical mumbo-jumbo of course!

Page titles

Page titles form the first line of Google listings, and are a particularly important ranking factor.  It’s vital they’re correct on all of your pages in order to ensure you rank for the phrases people are searching for.

We’ll make sure your page titles give you the best chances of ranking well.

Page descriptions

Page descriptions form the second and third lines of Google, and help to increase the amount of people that click on your website when it displays in Google.  It’s vital they’re correct on all of your pages in order to increase the number of people clicking and therefore the volume of traffic coming to your site.

We’ll make sure your page descriptions give you the best chances of visitors clicking through to your site.


Think of this as a road map for Google spiders.  Once they arrive on your site it tells them exactly where to go and what’s new.

We’ll make sure Google knows exactly where to find your content without a sat nav.


This is a geeky little file that tells spiders where to find your sitemap and where they shouldn’t be going.

We’ll make sure the robots are kept happy.

Product titles

Selling online? Competitive space – you’ll want to make sure people can find your products, so just like the page titles, Google will look at what you’re calling them.

We’ll make sure your products are found.

Product descriptions

Similar to your page descriptions, these will decide how many people click through to your site in Google.

We’ll make sure your product descriptions get that mouse tapping.

Inline linking

These are links between pages and help spiders link content together through relevance and enable them to bounce around your site quicker and easier.

We’ll make sure all of your pages are linking as they should.

Image SEO

Even images need some SEO magic.

We’ll make sure your images are found, increasing your visibility and the number of people visiting your site.

Blogging SEO

Content is king, so you’ll want to know how to keep it ahead of everyone else that’s generating it.

We’ll help you understand what you need to do to stay ahead of the content game.

Wanting some help to master Google yourself? Give us a call on 01566 784860 or drop us an email to and we’d be happy to hear about your business.

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